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Fredlund, G. G., and L. T. Tieszen 1994
Modern Phytolith Assemblages from the North American Great Plains. Journal of Biogeography 21:321-335.
AEU SCI G 1 J855 Calibration data. Only includes sample sites from the US.

Gajewski, K., R. Vance, M. Sawada, and I. Fung (L. D. Gignac, L. Halsey, J. John, P. Maisongrande, P. Mandell, P. J. Mudie, P. J. H. Richard, A. G. Sherin, J. Soroko, and D. H. Vitt) 2000
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Multidecadal to Millennial-scale Shifts in Drought Conditions on the Canadian Prairies Over the Past Six Millennia: Implications for Future Drought Assessment. Global Change Biology 13:1295-1307.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2007.01367.x Sites discussed: Chauvin Lake, Humboldt Lake, Oro Lake. Climate reconstructions based on diatom records. (12/Nov/2010).

Rempel, L. L., and D. G. Smith 1998
Postglacial Fish Dispersal from the Mississippi Refuge to the Mackenzie River Basin. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 55:893- 899.
Discusses the possibility of an Agassiz- Clearwater dispersal route for fish from the Mississippi drainage around 9900 years ago. Examines distributional and genetic evidence that supports this hypothesis.

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Postglacial Vegetation of Canada. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, UK. 178 pages.
AEU SCI QE 931 R599 1987

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Appendix 1: Proxy Records of Postglacial Climate in the Canadian Prairie Provinces: A Guide to the Literature and Current Research. In Responding to Global Climate Change in the Prairies. 24 pages, edited by R. Herrington, B. Johnson and F. Hunter. Canada Country Study: Climate Impacts and Adaptation Volume III. Environment Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
AEU SCI QC 981.8 C5 H567 1997 A pdf version of this volume, including Appendix 1, can be downloaded from .

Book cover Stewart, K. W., and C. C. Lindsey 1983
Postglacial Dispersal of Lower Vertebrates in the Lake Agassiz Region. In Glacial Lake Agassiz, edited by J. T. Teller and L. Clayton, pp. 391-419. Geological Association of Canada Special Paper No. 26.
AEU SCI QE 697 G54 Discusses fish, reptiles and amphibians. (02/Sep/2010).

Vance, R. E., A. B. Beaudoin, and B. H. Luckman 1995
The Paleoecological Record of 6 ka BP Climate in the Canadian Prairie Provinces. Géographie physique et Quaternaire 49:81-98 In Special Volume: Paleogeography and Paleoecology of 6000 yr BP in Canada, edited by H. Jetté.
AEU SCI G 1 R452

van der Kamp, G., D. Keir, and M. S. Evans 2008
Long-term water level changes in closed-basin lakes of the Canadian prairies. Canadian Water Resources Journal 33(1):23-38.
Sites discussed: Little Fish Lake, Lower Mann Lake, Upper Mann Lake, Muriel Lake, Manito Lake, Redberry Lake, Little Manitou Lake, Lenore Lake, Waldea Lake, Big Quill Lake, Little Quill Lake, Fishing Lake, Kenosee Lake, Whitebear Lake, Oro Lake, White Water Lake, Devils Lake (ND). Looks at instrumental records of lake level changes and data from examination of air photos. Only a few lakes have records that extend to the early twentieth century; most data is for the last half of the twentieth century. Most lakes show a generally falling trend. Interestingly, Devils Lake stands out as being markedly different with a generally rising trend since the 1940s. (21/05/2012).

Vitt, D. H., L. A. Halsey, I. E. Bauer, and C. Campbell 2000
Spatial and Temporal Trends in Carbon Storage of Peatlands of Continental Western Canada Through the Holocene. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 37:683-693.

Yansa, C. H. 2006
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AEU SCI QE 696 Q245

Yansa, C. H. 2007
Lake Records of Northern Plains Paleoindian and Early Archaic Environments: the "Park Oasis" Hypothesis. Plains Anthropologist 52:109-144.
AEU HSS E 51 P69

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