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Canadian Prairies - Bedrock Geology and Physiography

Bostock, H. S. 1970
Physiographic Regions of Canada. In Geology and Economic Minerals of Canada, edited by R. J. W. Douglas, pp. 10-30. Geological Survey of Canada Economic Geology Report Number 1. Accompanied by Map 1254A, Scale 1:5,000,000. Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
AEU SCI QE 185 E19 No. 0001 This is the standard reference for defining the physiographic regions of Canada.

Dawson, F. M., C. G. Evans, R. Marsh, and R. Richardson 1994
Uppermost Cretaceous and Tertiary Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. In Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, edited by G. Mossop and I. Shetsen, pp. 387-406. Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists and the Alberta Research Council, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
AEU SCI G 1116 C5 G345 1994 folio

Holliday, V. T., J. C. Knox, G. L. Running IV, R. D. Mandel, and C. R. Ferring 2002
The Central Lowlands and Great Plains. In The Physical Geography of North America, edited by A. R. Orme, pp. 335-362. Oxford University Press, Oxford, England, UK.

Mollard, J. D. 1977
Regional Landslide Types in Canada. In Landslides, edited by D. R. Coates, pp. 29-56. Reviews in Engineering Geology, Volume III. Geological Society of America, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
AEU SCI QE 599 A2 L36

Book cover Nelson, S. J. 1984
Geological History of the Interior Plains. Prairie Forum 9(2):159-180. Man: User and Modifier of Canadian Plains' Resources, edited by George W. Mitchell, vol. 9.

Book cover Stelck, C. R. 1967
The Record of the Rocks. In Alberta: A Natural History, edited by W. G. Hardy, pp. 21-51. M. G. Hurtig, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
AEU SCI QH 106 H27 Surveys the geologic history of Alberta, providing maps showing the geography at each significant interval. Stelck's main concern is with oil and oil- bearing formations, so all the geology is assessed in these terms. Although the discussion focusses on Alberta, much of it deals with the western interior. The Quaternary is covered in a short survey at the end, and this review is now outdated.

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