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Exhibits and media attention


  • A poster featuring work from the SCAPE project was one component of a one-day Behind-the-Scene Open House event at the Royal Alberta Museum on September 2 2005. This event was part of the Centennial Weekend celebrations. The poster was displayed at a station featuring research from the Quaternary Environments program. Museum staff members discussed the research and work of the program with dozens of visitors throughout the day (10 am - 3 pm).
  • Images of reference pollen samples and winter fieldwork (lake coring) were featured in an exhibit in the lobby of the Provincial Museum of Alberta. The exhibit featured "behind the scenes" displays from the thirteen curatorial programs at the Museum. The exhibit opened in summer 2004, closed February 14 2005, and was called More than Meets the Eye... at the Museum!

News articles and media attention

  • Alwynne Beaudoin and Gerry Oetelaar contributed a chapter to Alberta Formed, Alberta Transformed, a two-volume survey of Alberta history published in March 2006, a project of the Alberta 2005 Centennial History Society
    • Details of the volumes from the University of Alberta Press.
    • Official Alberta History Book Launched at GPRC, media release from Grande Prairie Regional College, Tuesday, March 6 2006
    • The Centennial History volumes were mentioned in Alberta Hansard for the afternoon of Monday March 20 2006.
    • The volumes have received positive comments or more extended reviews in the following publications:
      • Ken Coates in Western Historical Quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 4, Winter 2007, pp. 530-531.
      • Eric Volmers in the Calgary Herald, May 11 2007, in "Book transforms history: huge Alberta project up for awards"
      • John Copley in Alberta Native News, Vol. 23, No. 7, July 2006, p. 17
      • Candace Korchinsky in Edmonton Life, July 2006 issue, p. 17.
      • Ken Tingley in the Edmonton Journal, May 28 2006, p. E10, in an article entitled "Alberta's story, warts and all".
      • Marc Horton, the Books Editor, in the Edmonton Journal, May 21 2006, in an article entitled "13,000 years of Alberta: handsome history by U of A and U of C worth the wait".
    • In April 2007, the volumes were nominated for three Alberta Book Publishing Awards (Book Illustration of the Year, Book Design of the Year, and Scholarly Book of the Year)
    • On May 11 2007, the volumes were given the Book Design of the Year award by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta
  • "Pit Reveals 8,000 Years of Cypress Hills History", The Calgary Herald, Sunday, June 19 2005, B6.
    An interview with Dr Gerry Oetelaar, describing the excavation at the Stampede Site. Mentions associated palaeoenvironmental research at Elkwater being undertaken at the Provincial Museum.
  • "Drought Detective Studies Tree Rings, Pollen Samples", The Provost News, Wednesday, July 21 2004, pp. 1, 3, B13.
    Summary of talk given in Provost.
  • "Drought Researcher Being Brought In", The Provost News, Wednesday, July 14 2004, p. 16.
    Announcement of upcoming talk in Provost.
  • "Winter Fieldwork at Wakaw Lake", Wakaw Recorder, Wednesday, March 4 2004, p 3.
    Describes coring at Wakaw Lake.

News releases


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