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World Wide Web Sites for Palynologists

The following list contains a selection of mainly WWW sites which may contain information of relevance to palynologists. If you know of sites that should be added to this list, please send a message to Alwynne B. Beaudoin. For sites relating to archaeology or anthropology, please see the associated World Wide Web Sites for Archaeologists list.

The sites are arranged according to the following categories:

Allergy and Pollen trap data, Pollination studies, Entomology

Aerobiological Information from Extremadura, Spain
Newsletters from the American Association of Professional Apiculturalists
GEARS (The Global Entomology Agricultural Research Server). Maintained by the USDA-ARS Carl Hayden Bee Research Center. Devoted to bees and pollination.

Botanic Gardens and Herbaria

Flora of North America
Florida Museum of Natural History
Contains links to the University of Florida Herbarium and Palaeobotanical Collection
Kew Gardens, UK
Includes information on pollen research at Kew
Missouri Botanical Garden
Includes many botanical databases

Botany and Forestry Departments, and Ecology Research Groups

Departamento de Biología Vegetal de la Universidad de Málaga
Site is in Spanish.
School of Life Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Includes information on Ecology, Ethology and Evolution.
Wicken Fen
Britain's oldest Nature Reserve

Computing, Statistics, and Multivariate Methods

Statistical and Data Analysis Software
Web page maintained by palynologist Warren Kovach
UCLA Statistics
Contains documentation for LISP, LaTex and GNU, plus extracts from statistics texts.
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources
A topic-based collection of available WWW resources for statistics, statistical graphics, and computation related to research, data analysis and teaching, now containing over 250 links.

Dating Techniques

Beta Analytic
OCR - Oxidizable Carbon Ratio dating
PRIME - Purdue Rare Isotope Measurement Laboratory
Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, University of Waikato
Based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Includes an interesting section of links concerned with radiocarbon applications
M. Stuiver and H.A. Polach, "Discussion: Reporting of 14C Data" (PDF file)

Earth Science Sites

Mount St. Helens
Tree of Life
This is a hugely ambitious project to form a virtual "tree of life", exploring phylogenetic information about many groups of organisms. There are over 120 contributors and the project consists of almost 1000 pages of information.

Geology, Geography, and Earth Science Departments

Colby College, Maine. Quaternary Paleoenvironments and Paleoclimate Studies
Includes the Quaternary Entomology Page
McGill University, Geography Department
See also the McGill University Centre for Climate and Global Change Research
University of Calgary, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Journals and publishers

Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research
Journal of Paleolimnology
Limnology and Oceanography


Library of Congress
National Library of Canada
Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Walter Geology Library, University of Texas at Austin

Maps, Digital data, and GIS

Library of Congress Country Studies
Not strictly maps but a useful resource for information on countries around the world
Maps and References from the Centre for Global and Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa
A good list of links to on-line sources for maps, map libraries, and reference works.

Museums and Exhibits

Canadian Museum of Nature
Florida Museum of Natural History
Primarily a paleobotanical site, but rapidly including items of interest to palynologists
Illinois State Museum
Natural History Museum, London, UK
Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton
Includes information on the palynology program
UC-Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology

National and Provincial Geological Surveys and other Agencies

Alberta Geological Survey
GSC Atlantic, formerly the Atlantic Geoscience Centre
Australian Geological Survey Organization
Canadian Soil Information System
Geological Survey of Canada
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Includes information on Wetlands Inventory
United States Geological Survey

Palaeoecology and Global Change

Global Change
INQUA file boutique
Includes a repository of programs and files discussed in the INQUA Subgroup on Data Handling Methods' Newsletters.
NOAA's Palaeoclimatology page

Palynology and Palaeobotany

L’Association des Palynologues de Langue Française (L'APLF),
The Dung File
A bibliography dealing with pollen, plant macroremains, and parasite remains recovered from coprolites and latrines from archaeological sites.
Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology
An online version of the publication.
Links for Palaeobotanists
Annotated links to internet resources, especially for palaeobotanists (with an Upper Triassic bias).
NAPD (North American Pollen Database)
Contains lots of interesting material. To reach NAPD, follow links under "Paleovegetation".
Palynology Page, University of Arizona


Tree Resource Guide for Arborists and Gardeners

Professional Organizations

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science
Includes a directory to the journal Science
AASP (American Association of Palynologists)
Geological Association of Canada
IFPS (International Federation of Palynological Societies


Bridgenorth Esker, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
A web presentation based on the bachelor's thesis by Glenn Jackson
Faunmap Database
Faunmap is an electronic database documenting the Late Quaternary distribution of individual mammal species for seven different time period during the last 40,000 years in the United States. Database comprises records from 2919 palaeontological and archaeological sites.


Worldwide career and employment opportunities in the geosciences
Balogh Scientific Books
Publishes books in natural sciences, including botany, zoology, ecology, and palaeontology
Natural History Book Service

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