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WWW Directories and Indexes

An extremely fast and comprehensive web-search site. Try searching for "palynology"!
ANZWERS - Australian and New Zealand Web Enquiry Research System
A great site, which allows searching world-wide. Uses Inktomi's search engine and so is very fast.
C|Net Search
Another good search engine
General Education Online(GEO)
A compilation of web addresses for College and Universities worldwide, arranged by country.
A very fast search engine
An easy-to-use and fast search engine. Has many options that allow search to be limited. Also allows "reverse" searching, i.e., will search to see what sites are linked to a given URL
Magellan Internet Directory
A large searchable database of internet sites. Also provides reviews of some sites.
UnCover Web
A useful resource that allows searching for recent articles in scientific publications. Can search by author, title or keywords.
Yahoo! Canada
One of the earliest listing and search sites now has a Canadian version

The Web is in such a state of flux at present that "migrating URLs" are a common problem. If you find broken or non-functioning links in this list, please mail me so I can try and fix them. Many thanks!

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