Canadian Association of Palynologists

The Canadian Association of Palynologists was founded in 1978 and, at a recent count (October 8 2014), had 59 members in good standing. The Association is run by a small executive. CAP members include palynologists from Universities, Industry and Government Agencies. CAP membership is drawn from the worldwide palynological community. The Association focusses on palynology from all geologic eras, spanning the Palaeozoic to the Quaternary. Palynologists from all branches of the discipline, from stratigraphic palynology, to palaeoecology, to melissopalynology, participate in the Association. We welcome new members.

CAP communicates primarily through a newsletter that is produced twice a year (May and November). This web presentation is designed as a supplement and extension of the CAP Newsletter. The CAP web presentation is intended as an information resource for CAP members and anyone else interested in Canadian palynology.


The History of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
• How it all began and an outline of the Association's notable achievements during the last four decades, including the sessions organized at various conferences.

The CAP Library
• Atlas pollinique des arbres et de quelques arbustes indigènes du Québec by Pierre Richard. (Download a copy, PDF, 14.7 mb)
• Book reviews, a list that now features twenty-six reviews
• A list of recent publications, including monographs, papers and book chapters dealing with palynology
• A list of theses related to Canadian palynology
• An index to past issues of the CAP Newsletter
and more!

Highlights from past issues of the CAP Newsletter
• Now includes forty-seven articles, including reports about new research, fieldwork, conference reports, analytical methods, and essays

Lab Scenes: Palynology at University Departments and Government Agencies
• Find out who's doing what and where in Canadian palynology

Directory of Palynologists
• Palynologists from Canada and around the world

Palynological Personalities
• An in-depth look at some of the people who have influenced the discipline. Now includes twenty-one articles.

Equipment and Laboratory Supplies
• Information about that hard-to-find item you need for the lab

CAP's Organization and Administration
• CAP's By-laws
• CAP's Administrative Year
• Reports from past Annual General Meetings
• CAP's Executive
• Membership Form
• CAP Student Research Award, including information on how to apply and a list of past award recipients

Internet Resources
• Discussion lists, web sites, and more

CAP Web page is compiled and maintained by: Alwynne B. Beaudoin
CAP Web page launched March 8 1995
This component last updated: September 24 2016.

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